Teeple Partners, Inc. believes that the way people are treated in all transactions speaks volumes about its value system. Our customers, partners, consultants, and contractors are integral to the success of our endeavors. We truly appreciate those relationships and know that they lead to a better project at the end of the day. We appreciate a job well done and trust that all will receive the same from Teeple Partners, Inc.


For the past 7 years, Teeple Partners has had a multi-family focus. We develop Class A, multi-family projects with an eye for detail and a hands-on approach during construction.  Our goal is to set the standard for tenant experience and to maximize return on investment.  Our investors continue to appreciate the level of quality and return that they receive.


Since 1982 Teeple Partners, Inc. has created a diverse portfolio of commercial and residential properties. Our development endeavors include Multi-Family, Mixed-Use Business Parks, Retail, Office and Lakefront Developments. We take to heart the responsibility of providing space for life, work, travel, and entertainment.